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 For us at Viseven, the ISO/IEC 27001 certification is a staple of corporate responsibility: it confirms our compliance with our customers’ information security requirements, as well as those of applicable legislation, all of which is engrained in our corporate DNA as part of the digital culture as a tech company.

About Viseven

Viseven is a full-cycle digital solutions provider collaborating with TOP 50 pharma and life sciences in the domain of omnichannel communications. The company’s 10+ years’ expertise in content development, as well as system setup, rollout, administration and integration, along with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s needs and requirements, has enabled Viseven to offer unique solutions and services for content authoring, omnichannel campaign orchestration, Digital Content Factory and evolution of digital culture from within the customer’s organization.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO/IEC 27001?

Over the past years, the company has been experiencing exponential growth, prompting the leadership to implement more robust workflows and user management procedures. All of this comes coupled with security concerns – and the growing need to protect the increasing data flows both for the good of the customers and the company itself. At the same time, working on a global level in a regulated industry, namely, Life Sciences which, imposes strict requirements to Information Security that need to be respected at all times. Hence, it was the decision of the company’s management to certify the company against a strictly defined and delineated standard such as ISO/IEC 27001.

What are the main benefits of your company after implementation and certification against ISO/IEC 27001?

Before the certification, many of the processes and procedures used to be carried out at a level of intelligibility and transparency that did not match the nature of the work at hand. Hence, multiple aspects were not controlled or secured on a sufficient scale. The certification meant that the company implemented a number of procedures, policies and guidelines that allowed to attain the full range of control and protection over the company’s assets. This, in turn, consolidated trust from the customers and the current standing and reputation on the worldwide scale.

Among the main advantages of adhering to the completed certification norms are asset protection from leakage, theft, or loss; higher trust from the customers, as well as employees’ confidence. All of this ensures our greater strength in the highly competitive landscape, with clear and transparent workflows, as well as role distribution among our own specialists.

About your experience with MSECB

Overall, we have two years’ experience collaborating with MSECB and have found this experience very positive, the team has demonstrated impressive professional level. We are satisfied with the processes, and may remark a very responsible approach from MSECB – a really rewarding collaboration.

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