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Process Certification – MSECB Training Certification Program (MTCP)

Many organizations and individuals develop and offer training courses. Unfortunately, the quality of the training offerings varies greatly. How does one differentiate which training offerings are of the utmost quality?

MSECB certifies training courses based on the ISO/IEC 17065 standard, which ensures that the processes involved in the course development follow the rigid requirements set forth by the ISO/IEC 17065 as well as MSECB Training Certification Program (MTCP) Requirements.

With Process Certification we refer to certification of training materials.

The purpose of the MTCP standard is to define the criteria that a training material must satisfy in order to be certified by MSECB. Having a certified training material ensure that your organization is recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional service.

An MSECB certified training course is a great asset for every organization as it increases recognition, credibility, and fulfills world-class requirements. Look for MSECB certified training courses.

If you are interested to have your course evaluated and certified by MSECB, please contact us at, so we can initiate the process.

How to certify your training course with MSECB