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Natalia Kniazeva

Natalia Kniazeva

Natallia Ivanova, MSECB auditor for ISO 13485; ISO 9001; ISO 37001.

Natalia Kniazeva

Do what you can with what you have, where you are. The best reward in our life is the opportunity to do something worthwhile.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Meet our Auditor

My name is Natalia Kniazeva and I graduated from the leading technical university in Belarus (Belarusian National Technical University) with a master’s degree in technical sciences.

White still a student, I started working at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus as a quality manager (In the testing laboratory of laser technology).

After graduating from university for 3 years I was engaged in teaching activities (in the field of Standardization and certification)

In order to gain experience in the development of quality management systems. I helped many Belarusian companies to implement quality management systems in such areas as: mechanical engineering, instrument making, medicine, construction).

During my work I have become:

  • Laureate of the special fund of the government of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Included in the database of gifted youth
  • Laureate of the Republican competition of scientific works 2013.

About your experience in auditing in general


My experience as an auditor-trainee began back in 2012 with internships in certification bodies of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. In 2016, I completed my training at BSI, in 2013 I successfully completed the training of leading auditor at TUV (under the auspices of IRCA). By this time, I have already conducted more than 50 audits as a lead auditor in the Russian Federation.

About your experience with MSECB

My experience with the PECB began in 2017, when I successfully completed training and passed the exam for compliance with the qualification requirements of the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Since then, I have been the Lead Auditor for ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 37001 standards. In 2018, I became the auditor of the year for the E PECB in the ISO 9001 category.

I recommend becoming an MSECB auditor.

First, the certification body provides an opportunity to study, undergo trainings and internships in a company of professionals, exchange experiences and best practices.

Secondly, it is very prestigious to be an international auditor of a certification body with offices around the world.

Thirdly, a very convenient form of organizing audits, clear reporting forms that facilitate the audit process.

And most importantly, I feel like a part of a big family that helps global companies to be better, strive to improve the quality of products and services!


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