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Certification and Benefits

Certification Process

1. Apply
The Privacy by Design Certification process begins when your organization submits a Privacy by Design application which can be sent by request.

2. Assess
Assessment services will be carried out under a separate agreement where the product(s), the service(s) and/or the process(es) being certified will be assessed. A report will be issued based on the assessment methodology developed exclusively for the Privacy Certified Certification.

3. Certify
After examining the assessment report, we will issue a decision as to whether the certification will be granted. The certified organization will get the certificate and will be listed on our website.

4. Surveillance
Certifications are valid for a three-year period, but must be renewed annually. We will remind you in advance with all the details on how to keep your certification up-to-date.

5. Annual Self-Declaration
An important part of renewing your certification is the annual self-declaration form in which your organization attests if there has been any change which would affect your certification.

6. Renew
If MSECB is satisfied with the annual self-declaration form, and upon the payment of the renewal fee, your Privacy by Design Certification is renewed for another year.

Once you receive the certification, you can display it on your website and/or product or offering, and share your assessment results and certification with your business partners.

Benefits of MSECB Certification

By having a Privacy by Design Certification from a certification body such as MSECB, your organization will be able to:

  • Ensure compliance by getting ahead of the legislative curve and minimizing non-compliance risks
  • Reduce the likelihood of fines and penalties from authorities as a result of data breaches
  • Maintain best practices with the independent assessment of privacy and security controls
  • Gain competitive advantage and market access with the relevant industry scheme certification
  • Increase customer confidence and trust
  • Gain/increase reputation and respect
  • Continually improve processes and performance
  • Use Privacy by Design to enhance privacy awareness within your organization