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Central Bank of Egypt

Central Bank of Egypt

The certificate reflects the robust Business Continuity Management System in place that is implemented to handle any potential business disruptions, minimize downtime, shorten recovery time, and demonstrate CBE’s organizational resilience to efficiently maintain the functionality of the Central Bank of Egypt and its prominence locally and internationally.

Mr. Shehab Selim (Assistant Sub-Governor Risk Management & Information Security sector at The Central Bank of Egypt)

About The Central Bank of Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt is one of the independent regulatory bodies provided for in the Constitution. It has a public legal personality and technical,
financial, and administrative independence. It aims to achieve the soundness
of the monetary and banking systems and price stability within the framework
of the State’s general economic policy, in accordance with the Constitution and Central Bank and Banking System Law No. 194 for the year 2020.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO 22301?

Achieving ISO 22301 certification establishes credibility and trust among all relevant stakeholders, which validates that CBE adheres to and is in conformity with global standards for quality assurance related to business continuity management.

Benefits of obtaining certification against ISO 22301

The adoption of ISO 22301 standard demonstrates CBE’s readiness and responsiveness to overcome any unexpected crisis that may occur at any time to ensure the continuity of CBE’s critical functions. ISO 22301 certification also supported the establishment of a robust incident response framework and
has ensured the implementation of recovery procedures that guarantee a quick recovery of critical processes and activities in the event of a disruption. The certification has further orchestrated the harmony between relevant stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative, proactive approach in case of crisis or business disruption.

Experience with MSECB

The audit and certification process went smoothly. We had an extremely professional experience with MSECB throughout the certification process, as any inquiries we had were promptly attended to, in addition to the auditor’s excellent client orientation and competence.

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