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Agricultural Development Fund

Agricultural Development Fund

Vision 2030 has been inspiring us to achieve an unprecedented step in the field of cybersecurity in line with the Kingdom’s aspirations to be one of the best cybersecurity leaders in the world.

Following our successful certification against ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 22301:2019, we consider ISO/IEC 27032:2012 certification as an additional step towards the achievement of our strategic goal to integrate the highest standards of cybersecurity and information security procedures.

Abdulaziz I. Al-Issa

Vice President of Risk & Cybersecurity Sector

About Agricultural Development Fund

Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) was established based on royal decree no. 58 in 1963, as a governmental credit institution that specialized in funding various agricultural activities across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). ADF aims to develop the agricultural sector and improve the production efficiency by using the best scientific methods and modern technologies.

ADF offers facilitated loans without interest to farmers in order to secure the needs of this activity by providing machinery, pumps, and agricultural equipment for raising cattle, poultry, sheep, beekeeping, breeding fish, and others.

In 2009, after looking into decision no. 106/71 made by the Consultative Council in 2008, the system of the ADF was approved by the Council of Ministers. The ADF’s capital is SAR 20 billion. This capital may be increased by a decision of the Council of Ministers, considering water conservation and by rationalizing its uses in the agriculture as well as environment conservation.

Why did you choose to get certified against ISO/IEC 27032:2012?

Choosing to get certified against ISO/IEC 27032:2012 was a strategic goal for the cybersecurity department and the information technology sector in line with the ADF strategic vision to apply the highest standards of cybersecurity and information security procedures. Furthermore, it serves as an addition to complete the successful journey with MSECB after getting certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 22301:2019.

Benefits of obtaining certification against ISO/IEC 27032:2012

ADF has a long-term strategic plan in place to achieve excellence in the cybersecurity department and IT sector.

By achieving ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2019, and ISO/IEC 27032:2012 certifications, ADF aims to strengthen themselves in the field of agricultural and financial services, and become sustainable in Fin-Tech services. In addition, it intends working with strategic partners to raise the technical and cybersecurity awareness of the ADF’s clients and stakeholders, which gives KSA a better position in the global cybersecurity.

About your experience with MSECB

ADF’s journey towards certification has started in 2017 after choosing MSECB as our certification body for ISO standards. It has been an amazing journey, full of motivating challenges, knowledge transfer, down and rise until the successful achievement of the three ISO certificates in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

In 2018, ADF achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, becoming one of the earliest agricultural government organizations in KSA, following this to become one of the first MSECB client in KSA to get certified against ISO 22301:2019.

Our commitment to succeed in the industry that we operate in was once again recognized by MSECB with the provided certificate against ISO/IEC 27032:2012. MSECB was the certification body of our choice, and we are glad that we have chosen such a professional Certification Body.

In every step of our experience with MSECB we enjoy the professionalism, the discipline of MSECB staff and its auditors.

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